All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (2024)

No Man’s Sky has had a rough road since it was first launched back in 2016, yet developer Hello Games has persevered with its open-universe game. There have been so many updates that we’d be hard-pressed to put a number to them off the top of our heads, but they’ve all served to mould the title into something quite different.

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However, one thing has remained constant: the planets you visit are out to get you, and they’ll do anything to take you down. Sentinels have more firepower and more annoying tactics, while the local fauna and nightmarish abominations see you as lunch. You’ll need the best of the best to defend yourself, but which Multi-Tool weapons are the cream of the crop?

Updated on June 2, 2023 By John Wildermuth: As No Man's Sky consistently provides the community with fresh content upgrades that reinvent how the game is played, we have updated this list to align with the game's current state. While no new weapons have been released, the Sentinel and Interceptor update introduced unique upgrade modules that make older weapons viable in almost any combat scenario.

11 Solar Ray / Animus Beam

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (1)

The Solar Ray and Animus Beam are pretty pathetic. While at first glance their names evoke images of calling the heavens to melt your foes into pools of gunk, they’re pretty impotent when it comes to taking down those pesky wabbits Sentinels. Instead, they’re tools you’ll use solely when acquiring a Living Ship.

While the Solar Ray cannot so much as tickle anything, the Animus Beam does deal some damage to organic fauna. It uses lethal force to extract a resource called Fragmented Qualia, with the in-game text disturbingly describing the tool as a ‘Soul Extractor’.


10 Mining Beam

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (2)

The Mining Beam is not something you’d typically consider using when surrounded by enemies, and you’d be right. It’s a charge tool that doesn’t deal too much initial damage and, if you’re just starting out, is very, very inefficient in its energy use.

However, upgraded to the max with S-class modules and all the bells and whistles, it can become a bit of an early to mid-game monster when dealing with single targets. You’ll melt through armour without having to worry too much about rapid overheating.

9 Plasma Launcher

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (3)

The tried and trusted grenade launcher of No Man’s Sky, this secondary weapon is useful in a whole host of ways. It can take out the armoured doors of Manufacturing Facilities, and burst open Resource Depots to claim their rare bounties.

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However, as a weapon, it’s clunky and inefficient. While you can pump out several grenades in succession, aiming them is a chore, and reloading every few seconds when you’re surrounded by death machines is massively inconvenient. It's best used for breaking armour before switching to a primary weapon — just make sure you’re out of the blast radius.

8 Geology Cannon

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (4)

This weapon is one for the creative combatants out there. The Geology Cannon is what you get if you marry the Plasma Launcher with the Terrain Manipulator, a grenade launcher that blows chunks in the planet’s crust.

And we mean chunks — you’d better make sure you’re nowhere near the blast zone, especially if this secondary weapon is fully upgraded, as you’ll be looking at crater-sized holes and almost certain death. It’ll take some skill to turn this into a weapon, but using it to hinder those giant bipedal Sentinels is tons of fun when successful.

7 Paralysis Mortar

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (5)

Your typical stun grenade, the Paralysis Mortar is the third non-lethal option on this list. Sure, it deals no damage, but if you also have the Voltaic Amplifier module installed, you’ll get a significant bonus to damage against incapacitated enemies when switching to a primary weapon.

Whether you’re attempting to raid a Resource Depot and putting the Sentinels on maximum alert, or snatching Larval Cores from under the noses of swarms of Biological Horrors at an Abandoned Building, a well-placed Paralysis Mortar will allow you to take down large groups in relative safety. As such, this is the one secondary weapon you should swear by.

6 Incinerator

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (6)

It’s a flamethrower — what’s not to love? This weapon deals massive damage at short range, engulfing enemies both organic and metallic in high-heat flames, so it’s certain to prove popular with players who want to feel they are in total control of close-quarters battles.

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While it looks cool, the Incinerator comes with a lot of risk. The standard Sentinels and their canine buddies in particular are known for dodging and weaving, so locking onto them could prove to be more of a chore than you might want to take on. However, the Incinerator is no longer available via normal means. But for those who still have this weapon, it's extremely useful.

5 Boltcaster

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (7)

The default weapon, the Boltcaster is average in every way. There’s very little initial damage, but the rate of fire is steady enough for it to be useful. Sadly, since this gun consumes ammo, you will need to be sure to constantly keep your inventory filled with enough munitions to take out a small army, since you never want to run out of ammo during the heat of combat.

The real saving grace of the Boltcaster is that it does have great accuracy. If you're right at the start of your journey, it’s serviceable and efficient. Furthermore, the Sentinel update introduced new updates that are only applicable to the Boltcaster, allowing you to seriously buff the firepower, rate of fire, and reload time of this default weapon. Overall, while this may not be the greatest weapon in the game, it can certainly pack a punch with the right investment.

4 Pulse Spitter

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (8)

A standard machine gun-type weapon, the Pulse Spitter requires mastery of aiming and recoil to be effective. It’s classically been an acquired taste, with most players tending to prefer the other options out there.

However, adding the Impact Igniter, coupled with fully upgrading the weapon with S-class modules, changes things considerably. It adds a useful damage-over-time burn to enemies hit by its projectiles, meaning the Pulse Spitter becomes a solid, if unspectacular, option for players who just want to go ‘pew pew pew’ with baddies.

3 Neutron Cannon

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (9)

The Neutron Cannon comes with not one, but two different firing modes. It’s a fantastic tool for those who want the benefit of a shotgun-type quick blaster, and who have perhaps become used to the Scatter Blaster as the weapon of choice. The real power play comes when you charge the weapon and release, dealing massive area damage.

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It’s great for enemies that are grouped up, although you could be left exposed momentarily when charging. This is where the Paralysis Mortar comes in, buying you that time to charge the weapon and obliterate whatever is in your path. Fully upgraded, this may be the only weapon you ever need.

2 Scatter Blaster

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (10)

Here we get to the business end of the best weapons in No Man’s Sky, and for many the Scatter Blaster is the most ‘old faithful’ of all. Essentially a combat shotgun, it’s almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will easily one-shot those awful Biological Horrors.

The trade-off is that it’s very much a weapon for those who are comfortable with up-close, run-and-gun combat. It’s pretty useless from long range, making it harder to deal with those towering bipedal Sentinels that show up at max alert. As such, it’s always worth having a Multi-Tool with a fully upgraded Scatter Blaster in reserve.

1 Blaze Javelin

All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (11)

This beast of a weapon is the very definition of high risk, high reward. Essentially a sniper rifle, it has tons of power to start with and rewards you with more damage the further a shot travels. Hop on top of an Abandoned Building, for example, and you can take down those spawning Biological Horrors while laughing all the way to the Larval Core bank.

Things get even better once you have the Waveform Oscillator and Mass Accelerator modules installed and the Blaze Javelin fully upgraded. Your shots will apply a five-second stun to enemies hit, meaning you can easily stunlock anything that stands in your way. Even if you do get swarmed, just switch to a fully decked-out Scatter Blaster and you’re golden.

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All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked (2024)


All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons, Ranked? ›

Here we get to the business end of the best weapons in No Man's Sky, and for many the Scatter Blaster is the most 'old faithful' of all. Essentially a combat shotgun, it's almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will easily one-shot those awful Biological Horrors.

What is the best weapon to fight sentinels in no man's sky? ›

Here we get to the business end of the best weapons in No Man's Sky, and for many the Scatter Blaster is the most 'old faithful' of all. Essentially a combat shotgun, it's almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will easily one-shot those awful Biological Horrors.

What is the max multi-tool in no man's sky? ›

Players may own up to six Multi-Tools, and can switch the active Multi-Tool via the Quick Menu in the Utilities section. Owned Multi-Tools may be traded in to offset the purchase price of a different one.

Are there weapons in No Man's Sky? ›

There are a variety of beams and projectiles which the Multi-tool can emit. They are often called "weapons". Only one weapon may be selected for use at a time.

How to get a royal multitool nms? ›

Royal Multi-tools start off with good damage and scanner bonuses. They are a rare and expensive specialization, currently can only be obtained from Sentinel Pillars, and they can have between 11 and 14 slots, most of them are damaged.

Is the giant crusher the best strength weapon? ›

The Giant-Crusher remains one of the best strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring post patches and is capable of an impressive damage output. However, it will require a steep starting requirement in Strength to wield properly.

What is the best tool weapon in no man's sky? ›

Multi-tool trading became a big industry, and as a result, knowing which multi-tools are best is critical information.
  • 8 Geology Cannon. ...
  • 7 Plasma Launcher. ...
  • 6 Paralysis Mortar. ...
  • 5 Boltcaster. ...
  • 4 Pulse Splitter. ...
  • 3 Scatter Blaster. ...
  • 2 Neutron Cannon. ...
  • 1 Blaze Javelin.
Oct 25, 2023

What is the best combat weapon in no man's sky? ›

1 Cyclotron Ballista

Ideal for more experienced players of No Man's Sky, the Cyclotron Ballista is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. Great for both long and short-range combat scenarios, the Cyclotron Ballista offers very high damage output, with only the Rocket Launcher offering more.

Can you destroy a sentinel freighter in no man's sky? ›

Once all turrets and starships are destroyed, you can easily destroy the freighter by just hovering in one spot and shooting at it. Another advanced strategy when engaging is to quickly boost a bit out of range of the Carrier's weapons and engage the fighters quickly.

Is there a 3000 limit in NMS? ›

The game displays a generic "unsuitable location" error message once the limit has been reached. There is also a limit of 16,000 base objects per save and a 3,000 components upload limit per base. Bases which use more than 3,000 parts cannot be uploaded.

What is the best type of multitool nms? ›

Multi-tool classes were added with Update 1.20. Class S is the most powerful, followed by classes A, B, and C.

How to get sentinel multitool? ›

Sentinel Multi-tools have a high damage bonus, a medium mining bonus, and a medium scanner bonus. They are a rare specialisation, can only be obtained from Harmonic Camps in dissonant systems for free, but with many slots damaged.

Are there any NPCS in no man's sky? ›

Many of the missions and quests in No Man's sky require the assistance of an NPC to complete. These characters can be hired to assist by providing new missions, blueprints, and other helpful information. Each NPC requires a specific terminal to be built in separate Cylindrical Rooms, Square Rooms, or Cuboid Rooms.

What is the best weapon in Starship NMS? ›

One of the most efficient starship weapons for dogfighting is the Positron Injector. It operates like a shotgun as it is limited to a max range of 750 units, and is best used for close-range combat and strafing.

Can you pirate no man's sky? ›

Players can choose to engage in piracy themselves by attacking a freighter or other ships in a space fleet. Doing this will alert Sentinel Drone Starships, who will engage in combat with the player. Selected ships display their cargo in the same way as resources do.

What is the most valuable craftable item in no man's sky? ›

High End Crafting items (Stasis Device / Fusion Ignitor) can sell for around 16 million units each. You can create these using a variety of items that you can create or win from missions at the Space Station and the Nexus on the Space Anomaly.

What is the strongest man made weapon? ›

Analysis. The Tsar Bomba is the single most physically powerful device ever deployed on Earth, the most powerful nuclear bomb tested and the largest human-made explosion in history. For comparison, the largest weapon ever produced by the US, the now-decommissioned B41, had a predicted maximum yield of 25 Mt (100 PJ).

What is the most powerful MIB weapon? ›

The crystal superweapon was a handheld portable firearm that was smuggled to Earth by the Jababian royal family member, Vungus the Ugly. It is said to be the most powerful handheld weapon ever created, powered by a compressed blue giant star.

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