Teen Mom fans slam Kailyn's new bathroom & claim tiles look 'smashed' (2024)

TEEN Mom fans slammed Kailyn Lowry's bathroom in her dream mansion claiming it looks "tacky."

The MTV star has been sharing the building process of her massive Delaware home on social media.



In the latest update, Kailyn, 29, showed off her new bathroom tiles on her Instagram Stories, preparing for the mixed opinions she'd receive from fans.

In the snap, the young mom showcased the floor tiles layed out before giving her followers a closer look at the design.

The light-colored tiles mimicked a distressed look appearing cracked with jagged edges.

She included the caption: "You'll either love it or hate it there's no in between"

Reddit users responded to her caption with their take on the design with one writing: "I thought this was broken tile, this is awful"

Another agreed commenting: "looks like the kids already scribbled all over it lol"

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A third echoed the statement replying: "It looks like one of her kids scribbled across the floor. Imagine having so much money that you buy… this."

Backlash continued to poor in as another person wrote: "It just looks dirty"

One user dispised the style choice saying: "Who in the world would possibly love this"

The TV star also shared a snap of a more traditional tile design she put in the jack and jill bathroom for her two oldest sons.

Last month, the Teen Mom 2 star took to her Instagram Stories to share updates on the building process.

Kailyn posted: "People have messaged me asking for a house update.

"Unfortunately, I wish I could say that there is more of an update, but there's just really not.

"It looks like they're starting the insulation process... like this is new laundry stuff."

Walking around the home, she pointed out: "They got like the wiring in... This is the game room/ playroom.

"This is in the main room, great room, and this is going to be a custom shelf unit.


Then Kailyn shared a challenge with her sons' bedrooms noting: "We're upstairs and the one thing I did not think about when doing the blueprints is TVs on the walls. So my kids haven't always had TVs in their rooms.

"But now that Isaac will be 12, I wanted to plan where to put the TVs on the walls. So Lincoln's room has a good wall to put a TV on, and Isaac also has one, but Creed and Lux don't have... the setup is a little bit weird.

"Not by anyone's fault. It's just not something I thought about. If we put the bed or crib here, and someone is laying down, there's no wall, because the door here is for the bathroom and then the closet and then the actual door. There's nowhere to put a TV. So same thing for Lux's room.

"We would put the bed right here. So if someone is laying down here... that's the closet. That goes into the bathroom and then that goes out. So the only option would be to put a TV here and then come out like a swivel."


Kailyn also showed fans how the dog room is coming along showing: "My very first house underneath the stairs, Javi and I had put the dog area. We tiled it and put a gate up.

"And instead of using dog crates, that's where we put the dogs. But since my dogs have their own room in this house and their own closets and bath, I can use that for extra storage.

"That will be cut out into an automatic dog door. We were originally going to do closets with closed doors, but I decided to leave them as cased openings because I want to set up my dogs' food bowls and then have shelving up here... We'll probably do bedding and then the dog bath."


After guiding fans through several parts of the home, Kailyn gave an overview at the mansion’s massive inside on the ground level, which features multiple large rooms, a grand entrance area, and a staircase leading up to another level.

Once upstairs, the reality star focused on what would become the bedrooms for Kailyn and her four sons.

“That’s your room,” she said as her son Lux stood behind wooden bars making up the base of his new place.

She showed off the walk-in closet he’ll have, as well as the rest of the 4-year-old’s space.


In the Spring, Kailyn announced that she wasbuilding a brand new home, one with ample room for her and her four sons, Isaac, 11, Lincoln, seven, Lux, four, and Creed, one.

However, in August, the mother of four shared hertrue feelingsabout building a home from the ground up.


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After one of her followers asked: 'What is your favorite part about the building process?' she replied: "Well, I don't have a favorite part because I hate this process."

"I thought that I was going to absolutely love building a house. I thought it was going to be so much fun."




Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shares sneak peek of her Delaware dream home and asks fans for house cleaning tips

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Teen Mom fans slam Kailyn's new bathroom & claim tiles look 'smashed' (2024)
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