Teen Mom fans want Briana ‘FIRED’ for 'going too far' with Kailyn Lowry feud (2024)

TEEN Mom fans are not happy with MTV or Briana DeJesus after the reality star was accused of shaming enemy Kailyn Lowry.

The MTV co-stars have been feuding off-screen, and even found themselves caught in a court battle.



On Thursday, Briana took a nasty dig at her former co-star on social media in a since-deleted tweet.

After Kailyn posted her own online jab in a tweet, marking the due date for her $100K payout to Briana after losing their defamation lawsuit, the Florida native hit back.

She was tagged in the post by a fan, responding: "I'm blocked :(" before tweeting a message of her own for her former castmate.

Briana went on: "Taking antidepressants once you realized you can't always use the court room/ color of ur skin to shut people up."

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She added: "High light of my life = having a loving family which u don't have so I'll always be winning."

The tweet has been deleted, but plenty of MTV fans took notice before the reality star could scrub it from her account.

Fan Instagram @teenmomfanz collected several scathing comments, including; "please fire Briana !!!"

And another the reads: "@mtv @teenmom you guys okay with this disgusting behavior?? I thought this franchise was promoting positivity not bullying. That's all I've seen the past season. Disgusting."

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A third angry viewer wrote; "@mtv @teenmom y'all better fire Briana! This is who y'all got on y'all platform? Making fun of a former cast mate mental health & depression?"

Despite the dig at Kailyn, Briana gleefully boasted about her massive payday.

In an Instagram post, the mom of two posted a screen grab from her iPhone, which included a calendar schedule for Wednesday, June 1.

On the calendar, she had written a 9am entry the read: "Payday (100k)," and then at 5pm: "California (awards)."

She captioned the post: "Tomorrow will be a good day," along with a laughing emoji.

"And I get to see some of my favorite people."


The drama all started with a tweet from Kail regarding her recent court loss against Briana.

She was ordered to deliver a massive payout to her nemesis after being declared the loser in the case.

The mom of four tweeted: "Enjoy today, it's the highest point you'll ever get in your life," with a laughing face emoji.

Briana was tagged in the tweet by a fan, writing: "That part! @xobrianadej."

Fans picked apart Briana's callous comment on Reddit, too.

"Thats really cruel," one person commented, while another agreed, writing: "I'm generally team Bri in this whole thing, but god I wish she'd stop bashing Kail for being abandoned by her parents."

fan thought Briana went too far with her post, writing: “'Having a loving family that you don’t have' Bri just took her win and went three levels deeper. That’s not right.

"I despise both of them but come on Bri. That was gross."

Another echoed the statement: "Briana always takes things to a place it just…doesn’t need to go.

"Kailyn is an awful person but 'haha your parents and kids don't love you' is like…a little much."


In addition to being open about her mental health struggles, Kailyn has been candid with her fans about her difficult home life.

In May 2021, she revealed that she was not speaking to mom Suzi, whom she's long struggled to be close with, or sister Mikaila.

The Pennsylvania native previously alleged that Suzi, who previously appeared on Teen Mom 2, struggles with alcohol addiction.

Kailyn also said that she doesn't communicate with her dad, Raymond.

She last visited him in 2009 in Texas when she was pregnant with Isaac, 12.


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She shares her oldest son with ex Jo Rivera.

Kailyn also has sons Lincoln, eight, whom she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and sons Lux, four, and Creed, one, with ex Chris Lopez.




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Teen Mom fans want Briana ‘FIRED’ for 'going too far' with Kailyn Lowry feud (2024)
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