Teen Mom Kailyn and Tyler admit they're 'traumatized' from having addict parents (2024)

KAILYN Lowry and Tyler Baltierra bonded over the trauma they both faced growing up from having drug addicts and alcoholics as parents.

The Teen Mom 2 star invited her castmate onto her Barely Famous podcast where they discussed their difficult pasts.



Kailyn, 30, began the conversation with Tyler, also 30, by mentioning the "bond" that they might share from childhood trauma.

"The bond that you, me, Cate, Ashley, and Bar, could have, like going through something so similar and being children of addicts and alcoholics is relatable," she explained.

The MTV dad replied: "I think it's honestly relatable and it's more of the moral compass than the teen pregnancy s**t in my opinion."

Kail then interjected to say: "I agree."

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Teen Mom Kailyn and Tyler admit they're 'traumatized' from having addict parents (3)

Tyler continued: "If you get trauma that us kids have from the result of our parents being idiots like once you get that trauma figured out you start making better decisions, you grow up fast, you don't have to go through all the bulls**t."


Both Teen Mom stars have made amazing transformations over the past decade during their time on TV.

Kailyn went from being a single mom on welfare to a businesswoman with a dream mansion.

She was first introduced during a 2010 episode ofMTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

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The TV personality was expecting her first child with then-boyfriend Jo Rivera when she was just 17-years-old.

MTV cameras documented her pregnancy as she was forced to rely on Jo’s family after her own family failed to support her.

She gave birth to her oldest son, Isaac, on January 18, 2010.

Back in January 2021, Kailynrevealed she was secretly on welfare and used food stampswhile filming the early seasons of the show.


Kailyn hadlast seen her dad in 2009 when she visited him in Texas while she was pregnant with her son Isaac.

The interaction, captured on 16 & Pregnant, left her upset as Raymond borrowed money from her and criticized her for getting pregnant.

In October of 2020, the mother of four slammed her own father Raymond as a "f**king joke" as he has not been present for much of her life.

At that time, he lashed out at his portrayalon the showa decade earlier.

He wrote on Facebook: "I was on the show too and they made me look bad. I know what you mean about shouldn't have to defend yourself."

He went on:"I personally don't think that show is good for young girls to watch. I think it gives them the wrong idea about being a parent so young among other things.

"It's just a bad show I think. Sorry for your bad experience on the show. Been there. Love ya."

But Kailyn was enraged as she wrote back: "No that's a f**king joke. Don't even start this s**t.

"You haven't been around or tried with either of us nor paid child support so get the f**k outta here."


In May of last year, she revealed that she also cut off her mom Suzi and half-sister Mikaila.

After one fan asked: "What was the final straw that made you cut your mom off?"

Kailynreplied: "There was no final straw.

"I was just tired and I knew if I had any chance at personal growth and being a good mom I had to cut off the dead weight."

Then, in February she said thatshe has "no idea" where Suzi livesand only learned where she works because fans told her.

She previously alleged thatSuzi has an alcohol addiction.


In January of this year, Tyler Baltierra's father Butch was arrested for a DUI.

The 59-year-old has struggled with addiction for decades, as he moved from Michigan to Texas to enter a rehab facility.

In 2019,Catelynn Lowell’s husband revealed on Kailyn’s podcast Coffee Convos that his dad had relapsed.

He said: “He’s in the middle of a relapse right now. That’s the reality of that situation right now.

“We go back to square one, do this relapse thing and kind of ride this train out and see what happens.”


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In a 2020 episode ofTeen Mom OG, Tyleropened up further about his father’s struggles with addiction.

He even chose not to invite him to his daughter Vaeda’s first birthday.




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Teen Mom Kailyn and Tyler admit they're 'traumatized' from having addict parents (2024)
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