Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals she's officially changing her name on MTV show (2024)

KAILYN Lowry has officially received the green light from MTV to have her name changed to Kail after 11 years with the network.

The Teen Mom 2 star shared the details of the switch on her Coffee Convos podcast yesterday.


Kailyn, 29, and Lindsie Chrisley, 31, spoke about the news after recapping the star's decision to not take Javi Marroquin's name when they married in 2012.

The reality star explained: "I chose not to change my last name to Marroquin, or hyphenate it."

"Was that an issue with you and Javi by the way?" Lindsie asked, to which Kailyn responded: "A little bit, yeah. It definitely bothered him."

"Especially because at the time his brother had gotten married maybe a month or two later and his wife went the next day and changed her last name.



"But I already had branding in my name. My entire brand had already been Kail Lowry."

"Yeah people already knew you from 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom as Kailyn Lowry, or Kail."

"Well on Teen Mom 2 they're finally changing it to Kail," she divulged.

"They are changing it?" Lindsie asked, and Kailyn repeated: "Yes, yes. I begged that from the beginning."


The mom of four then shared that her baby daddy Jo Rivera's "real name is Jonathan", and her ex-husband Javi's "real name is Jose."

"For whatever reason they've had their nicknames on there since we started but I was never allowed to have my nickname," she admitted.

Kailyn made her MTV debut in 2010 when she was cast on the second season of 16 & Pregnant.

The podcast host then joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, where her life has been documented for the past 11 years.



Throughout that time the TV personality has had four sons with three different fathers, Jo, Javi, and Chris Lopez, with whom she's had an on-and-off relationship the past couple of years.

Kailyn has celebrated many successes of late, as her two podcasts Coffee Convos and Baby Mamas No Drama have reached millions of people.

The MTV star has been open about the behind-the-scenes process of podcasting, and recently brought fans into her studio where she showed off her interior design and new wallpaper.

In March, the young mom launched a wallpaper linewith Wall Blush and has used one of her designs for her office.



Kailyn took to TikTok to flaunt the new look, as she showed off the white paper with huge green palm leaves.

"Only one panel left!" she declared as she installed the remaining portions.

The author shared the news of her new venture early last month, when she snapped a photo with the modern designs.

"So incredibly excited to announce my collaboration with@wall.blushis now live!" she captioned the shot.



"I’ve had so much fun designing this collection and cannot wait to see your spaces transform with these designs!

"Click the link in my bio to shop the entire collection and let me know in the comments what your favorite designs are!"

Kailyn also recently announced that construction has begun on her brand new dream house.

She purchased the Delaware farmland for$99K and has since shared her plans for the six-bedroom home.



"I got some 3D renderings in color & can’t decide! Which exterior is your favorite?!" she wrote alongside a projected image of the new house.

Previously on Coffee Convos she revealed that she has hired a video company to film the entire process.

"I hired someone on my own to film the process of my construction starting, major install dates, anything that goes on with my new property…

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"I have somebody coming in to film that stuff on my end, just cause I know it's not going to be filmed in its entirety for MTV. It sucks. They're not going to focus on my home build, and I think a lot of our listeners and our followers on Instagram are obsessed with that kind of stuff.


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals she's officially changing her name on MTV show (18)
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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals she's officially changing her name on MTV show (19)
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"So I'm filming it on my own for TikTok, Instagram, my website, stuff like that."

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shows off new wallpaper in Baby Mama No Drama podcast office

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals she's officially changing her name on MTV show (2024)
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