Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals shock wedding plans with 'love of her life' (2024)

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry claims she's met the "love of her life" and teases a surprise walk down the aisle.

The MTV star has been married once before to Javi Marroquin, whom she shares son Lincoln with.



Although Kailyn, 30, likes to keep much of her life private – something she's been slammed by Teen Mom viewers for – she recently made a shockingly candid confession.

During the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, which she cohosts with pal Lindsie Chrisley, the mom of four reveals that she's met the one.

She casually drops the bombshell news while talking about weddings with her cohost/friend.

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On the topic of weddings, Kailyn tells Lindsie: "If I ever get married again I'm not having bridesmaids or groomsmen. It's not a day for anyone else but myself and my husband or partner."

The answer prompts Lindsie to ask: "Wait, is the wedding back on the table?"

Kailyn replies: "I would say yes. I wouldn't have, like, a huge wedding or anything. I feel like I would have a cute, very, very simple ceremony and maybe, like, a dinner afterwards."

She goes on to say: "I met the love of my life and I – yeah."

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Lindsie appears shocked by the news, despite being both a cocollaborater and close friend of the Pennsylvania native.


She then inquires: "How do you know?"

Kailyn says: "So, it's crazy because they say when you know, you just know and that's how I feel.

"I feel like I've known him for a lifetime. Like, I feel like I have known him forever."

She continues: "You know how I said when I get engaged or married is when I'll, like, post them? I'm ready to, like, soft-launch.

"I'm ready. It just feels like we've been best friends forever and now we're just together."

The Teen Mom 2 star concludes: "Like, I feel like I've known him forever."


Kailyn didn't reveal her mystery suitor on the podcast, but did tease her plans to.

In fact, she tells Lindsie she knows exactly how she'll do it when she does.

The TV personality says: "I just want to do it at the right time. I don't want it to be too premature.

"I don't know what this is. I was on and off with someone before this forever and I don't know."

Kailyn tells listeners: "I never wanted to post him. I'm excited about it, I feel good about it."

Asked if she thinks her plans to post her new man are "impulsive," she says: "It might be impulsive, but ... I know what picture it's gonna be.

"I made, like, a little reel, like an Instagram Reel, but it just very much looks homemade. Lux took a picture of us – I'm gonna send it to you, and this is the one I'm gonna post."

She noted: "I just have to edit out his company on his sweatshirt. I just feel like it was a very organic picture."

Upon seeing the photo, Lindsie says: "You guys are totally in love in this photo right now."

Kail teases: "I just feel like this was so organic and off guard."

Lindsie then jokes: "That laugh is the same laugh you make when I talk to you, so this just slightly pisses me off. ... I'm upset. I'm jealous."

As for her plans to unveil her new relationship, Kailyn says she'll do it "maybe within the next two weeks or so."

Kailyn has been married once before.

She and ex Javi Marroquin, who share son Lincoln, tied the knot in September 2012.

They got divorced in 2017 and continue to coparent their son, which fans see on Teen Mom 2.


It's unclear, at this point, who Kailyn is dating.

Fans recently figured out that she had been secretly dating Malik Montgomery, whom she met through mutual friends.

Since the split, Malik has spoken very publicly about the relationship and has had less than kind words for his ex.

Late last month, he attacked Kailyn during an Instagram Q&A.

A fan asked him: "Why you and the girl from Teen Mom break up?"

He replied: "Lying, cheating, manipulation, guilt, no trust, poor decision making, the list could grow."

Malik has been in Kailyn’s life for a while, as he posted a photo with her in a bar back in January 2019.

The two have also been photographed in group photos over the years.

According to his social media, he is a “business owner” and is also in customer service.

Kailyn used to comment frequently on his photos through the years, most recently writing on March 10, “So exciting!! Congratulations” after he bought a new car.

Malik posted a video on March 13 where he revealed he is single.

He said: “I’m single now. I was in a relationship with somebody for an extended period of time. There were a lot of ups and downs. It was a f**king rollercoaster. Going into this year I feel like I’ve been working on myself so much to be the best version of myself.

“It’s so unexpected. You can do everything for somebody. Be the best person for yourself and give your best effort to somebody. But if somebody is not for you none of the s**t you do is going to matter ever.

“You can’t keep giving somebody more of the stuff they already don’t appreciate. You can’t expect them to love you if they can’t love you the way you want to be loved.

“It took a long time to get to this point and realize that s**t is important. What you want for you is important. It took a long time to get here.”

He continued: “I held my peace for so long on a lot of things. I don’t want to live like that anymore. I don’t want to be in the shadows anymore. I’m a man. I’m Malik.

“I’ve been quiet for so long and finally I’m at a point where I can talk about it and vent through it and work through it.”

Weeks later, he appeared on her Barely Famous podcast as Kailyn's boyfriend.

He said the "worst part" of dating Kail during their on-again, off-again relationship was the "roller coaster" of herdealing with her baby daddy Chris.

He said: "What does she see in this guy? I didn't pay attention to the red flags earlier. I trusted you. I ignored the fact that you still weren't over Chris. It was difficult for you to trust a new relationship."

It's not known at this point definitively what led to their split.


Kailyn had been rumored to have moved on with her neighbor Elijah, an Army serviceman who previously lived in Virginia and Hawaii.

During her recent podcast episode, Kailyn referred to him as "hot neighbor," though she did not indicate that he's her new love interest.

Elijah resides in Delaware, not far from Kailyn. According to property records, he purchased a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home near the MTV star in December 2021.

He paid just $280,000 for the house, which is situated mere feet from Kailyn and her family.

Her home, by contrast, is valued at upwards of $1 million.

She built the property from the ground up, moving in back in January 2022.

The Sun confirmed that Elijah has been married once before.

He filed for divorce from his ex-wife in April 2021 and their divorce was made final months later in June of that year.

Kailyn’s baby daddyChris Lopezrevealed her rumorednew man is now living with heron his podcast P.T.S.D.


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He said on the show: “Recently I had to pull my kid’s mom to the side and be like, ‘Yo, there is no reason my four-year-old should be telling me about every dude you sleeping with.’

“He was just telling me about this last dude and now he telling me about the new dude. They told me the dude lives with her. I can’t control what you do.”




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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals shock wedding plans with 'love of her life' (2024)
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