Teen Mom Kailyn RIPS fans for backlash over 3 baby daddies & finding success (2024)

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry ripped fans for backlash over having three baby daddies and finding success in non-traditional ways.

Kailyn clapped back at fans as she prepares to publish her fifth book this year.



Kailyn, 29, took to TikTok for a sassy clap back at fans slamming her for having three different baby daddies, her podcast and new book.

The Teen Mom appeared with a green screen filter in front of a page of iPhone notes.

The list was labeled: "Things I should apologize for."

She then ironically launched into a rant beginning with the first bullet: "The first on the list is 16 & Pregnant. I'm sorry I took this opportunity that was presented to me and turned it into a career. I definitely should not have done that."

Kailyn continued: "Next on the list: no job. I obviously don't make any money, I don't know who is feeding these f**king kids, but I don't have a job, sorry about that."

Next on her list was: "Not using my degree. Sorry that you don't think podcasting and writing books is good enough; I could see why you'd be upset. Because I don't have a job and I don't use my degree. Obviously, I need to be a better human being."

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Still going on, Kailyn said: "Next on the list is getting divorced. I was young, I probably should have never gotten married in the first place, so I'm sorry about that; I know getting divorced devastated every single one of you."

She continued: "The next thing you guys always bring to my attention is that I had two babies with someone other than my ex-husband and I definitely want to apologize. Life should never have gone on for me, and I should have remained single and not had any more children."

Kailyn concluded: "Lastly, having successful podcasts. I'm sorry that I have a lot to say, I definitely should have said no to Lindsie Chirsley when she asked me. I didn't think that it would be as fun as it is. I apologize for having them and I'm going to do better."

The Teen Mom captioned her post: "I'm working on it."


Fans fired off in the comments and Kailyn responded to many of them personally.

The first user wrote, "You forgot to apologize for living your best life," to which Kailyn responded, "S**t, you're right."

Another posted, "Girl, we love you," and Kailyn said, "I love (most of) y'all back."

A third said, "Thank you, apology accepted, now live your best life," and Kailyn replied, "Thank you for permission."

A fourth gushed, "I watched 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom and I don't understand what you have done wrong; you have always been there for your kids," to which Kailyn said, "I have definitely made mistakes in my life, but people love to tear down what I actually did right."

Yet a fifth said, "You don't need to have a baby with every man you meet, babe," and Kailyn posted, "I don't need to, but if I want to, I can."


The Teen Mom teased she is working on her fifth book and revealed it will be her "most emotional one yet."

Kailyn has written four previous books: Pride Over Pity released in 2014, her children's book Love is Bubblegum released in 2015, Hustle and Heart in 2016, and A Letter of Love released in 2018.

It appearsKailyn has set a big New Year's resolution for this year.

She took to Instagram to tease her fans about her process of writing her new book.

Kailyn revealed she will be releasing the book with her first publisher of her New York Times Best Selling memoir, Pride Over Pity.

TheTeen Momposted a photo of her computer open to a Google Document, although most of the text on the page was redacted.

However, it's clear Kailyn intends on organizing the chapters of her book by talking about the "now" followed by "then."

Kailyn wrote: "My kids are with their dads and I had to leave town to focus and finally get this done.

"New book with my original publisher coming 2022. This one might be my most emotional one yet."

Kailyn opened the floor to fans and asked what they'd like to see discussed in her new book.


Kailyn was slammed for refusing the Covid vaccine yet being willing to "pump her face full" of filler and Botox.

TheMTVpersonality's infamous anti-vax stance again came to light as she attempted to give away a pair of tickets on her Instagram page.

Kailyn was hoping to take some of her brood to a sports event in DC yet - when she was informed she'd have to show proof of vaccination - realized it wouldn't be possible.

Taking to her stories, she uploaded a selfie showing her wearing a face covering and added the caption: "I have three tickets for Wizards game in DC on Jan 19 - section 202 L.

"Just got an email saying you have to be vaccinated to attend. Please let me know if you're interested!"

Teen Momfans took to Reddit hugely confused - firstly, because she was wearing a face covering, and secondly because of her cosmetic surgery past.

One wrote on reddit thread TeenMomOGandTeenMom2: "Kail will put nut on her lip, eat fast food, take over the counter medicine, get cosmetic surgery but doesn’t trust the FDA when it comes to vaccines."

Another added: "Hasn’t she also gotten Botox/lip fillers too?" as a third mused: "She also pumps her face full of fillers and botox. Yet, vaccines are bad.
Vaccines bad."

One sarcastically put: "Fake a** and fillers…perfectly safe."

Another accused the mom of four of attention-seeking and added: "Why did she have to post the part about requiring vaccination? Just say you have tickets for sale?

"She is a real life troll in the flesh and searches for drama."

Another agreed, as they then noted: "Big cities require vaccination to enter anywhere, and airlines might too. Lots of events are also requiring it.

"She just wants to be a victim. The real victims are her kids missing out on life bc their mom is an idiot."

Referring to Kail's 2016 butt lift, another surmized: "Butt lifts are one of the most dangerous and highly advised-against plastic surgeries but that was ok for her. These people are walking contradictions lol."

Fans were calling outKail after she admitted she has Botox and fillers every three monthsas part of her prep for her "hot girl summer."

Back in 2014, the reality star denied getting lip fillers, but she’s been more open in the years since about the various procedures she’s had done, including lipo and a butt lift.


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She is now open in showing snaps of herlips when they were filler-free.

Last month, a throwback image emerged showing herlooking completely unrecognizable.




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Teen Mom Kailyn RIPS fans for backlash over 3 baby daddies & finding success (2024)
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