Teen Mom Kailyn shows sleek fireplace & kitchen lights at $750K Delaware mansion (2024)

TEEN Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry shared a new look inside her $750K Delaware mansion after setting up more of her living room and kitchen.

The TV personality, 29, is getting ready to move into the massive new home with her four kids and has been sharing the construction process with fans.



There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Kailyn’s been sharing snippets of how far her place has come recently.

She showed that quite a bit of furniture still needs to be purchased and set up, as well as more updates and decorations to turn it into a nice home for the family.

Still, Kailyn revealed that she’s happy with a lot of the recent developments, including a sleek fireplace.

In a new clip, the Teen Mom 2 star gave a look at a portion of a wall that had been completely transformed with gray brick.

A few feet up from the floor was a sleek, rectangle fireplace.

Outlets and cable jacks appeared to be placed in the brick a few feet above that for possibly a flatscreen TV to be mounted in the future.

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The rest of the room, which had wood flooring and painted walls, remained empty.

Another Instagram Story post showed off the massive kitchen, which featured marble countertops, shiny black appliances, and white cabinets.

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The main focus of the photo were the hanging lights above the kitchen island, which featured clear glass shades, and Kailyn noted that they’d been “fixed.”

She also asked fans for some “ideas” on what to do with a simple black table that she has in the place.

Kailyn currently has the furniture by itself up against a random wall near the kitchen, but she wants to find it a new home.

The idea to try to include fan feedback into the decoration and set-up of her new home comes after fans recently slammed the plans she came up with.


Followers recently slammed her for getting such a "basic" doormat for the place.

The item was brown and had written in black: "Please leave."

Earlier this week, Kailyn showed off the impressive new shower installed in her home.

"And just like that, the glass went in! absolutely love the tile details@lazermarble" the reality star captioned herInstagramphoto, tagging a local marble company.

The spacious corner shower - which appeared to be in her main bathroom - had black chevron tile that ran from the ceiling down to its entrance.

It had three gold shower heads - a standard fixture on the wall, a hand fixture and a rain shower head directly above.


Glass panels and a glass door ran up three walls and did not reach the top while cardboard covered her earlier-installed streaked flooring.

One fan commented under her photo: "Girl! This shower is everything"

However, other fans noted how the glass didn't reach the ceiling of the shower.

"Idk how high your ceilings are, but I’d want it to go much higher! There’s nothing like all the shower warmth escaping from the top!" one wrote.

Another agreed: "Why not do Wall to ceiling glass and get rid of the weird half walls?"

The MTV star hasn't always loved the building process as earlier she admitted on anepisode of her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama that shecouldn't wait for it to be overafter multiple delays.


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She revealed: "I thought I was really gonna love like the house stuff, so I was kind of living like vicariously through you guys like doing real estate and like flipping and stuff. I hate it.

"I love HGTV and I love watching people do it online and stuff so I thought because of that interest that I was gonna like doing it myself but I hate it."



Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed for her 'basic' doormat at $750K Delaware mansion as she prepares to move in

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Teen Mom Kailyn shows sleek fireplace & kitchen lights at $750K Delaware mansion (2024)
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