True Detective Season 4 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos) (2024)

After five years away, True Detective is back on HBO for Season 4, bringing with it a star-studded cast of characters and actors.

As an anthology series, True Detective has a rather unique concept of sporting a new cast, crime, and setting for each season.

Some of the star-studded HBO drama's past leads included Mahershala Ali, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, and Rachel McAdams.

Every Main Actor & Character in True Detective Season 4

Jodie Foster - Liz Danvers

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Leading the way for Season 4 is Jodie Foster as Detective Liz Danvers, the sheriff of Ennis, Alaska who is investigating the case of eight missing men from Tsalal Arctic Research Station where no evidence was left behind except their shoes.

Danvers is also the mother to a teenage daughter, Leah, and finds herself frustrated with the current state of her life and career when the story begins.

Foster - who is an executive producer on the new season - is perhaps most known for her roles in Silence of the Lambs, The Accused, and Taxi Driver. The actress took home the Best Actress Oscar in both 1989 and 1992 for the former two roles.

Kali Reis - Evangeline Navarro

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Kali Reis' Detective Evangeline Navarro is something of a partner to Liz Danvers in the investigation of the missing scientists, although the two butt heads early on before finding their footing to solve the case.

In contrast to Danvers' lifelong Alaskan background, Navarro has a military past and finds herself fairly new to the town of Ennis when the story picks up.

Reis is a former boxing world champion, having held titles in multiple weight classes before starting her acting career in 2021. True Detective marks the third role for the boxer-turned-actress after Catch the Fair One and Black Flies.

Finn Bennett - Peter Prior

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28-year-old Finn Bennett plays Peter Prior, the protégé and apprentice to Jodie Foster's Liz Danvers, in True Detective's latest season, accompanying her in investigating the case of the missing scientists.

Bennett previously featured in episodes of Top Boy, The Nevers, Sick of It, Domina, and Foyle's War.

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Fiona Shaw - Rose Aguineau

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An eccentric survivalist with secrets hidden in her past, Fiona Shaw's Rose Aguineau hides away as a loner on the outskirts of Ennis.

One can only wonder if Aguineau's dark and secretive past will find itself entangled in the mystery of the missing scientists plaguing present-day Ennis.

Shaw featured in the Harry Potter movies as Aunt Petunia and also joined the Star Wars galaxy last year as Maarva in Andor Season 1.

Christopher Eccleston - Ted Corsaro

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Christopher Eccleston plays Ted Corsaro, the regional chief of police with a history with Jodie Foster's Liz Danvers. The character's political aspirations make him one of Season 4's more self-centered players, having concerns the scientists' disappearance will hurt his public image and career chances.

Most will recognize Eccleston for his time piloting the TARDIS in Doctor Who as the Ninth Doctor. But the twice BAFTA winner also played the MCU villain Malekith in Thor: The Dark World and has taken on plenty of stage roles over the years.

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Isabella Star LaBlanc - Leah Danvers

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As discussed before Liz Danvers has a teenage daughter, or more specifically step-daughter, going into True Detective, who is Isabella Star LaBlanc's Leah.

Leah has been described as “a young woman fighting for her voice and her identity” (via Deadline). This brings her at odds with her stepmother who finds herself concerned by her life choices, leading to some frustration for Leah.

27-year-old LaBlanc previously appeared in Pet Semetary: Bloodlines and Long Slow Exhale.

John Hawkes - Hank Prior

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Father to Peter Prior and a police officer himself, Hank Prior has a complicated relationship with his son, finding himself more cynical and burned out with the job.

Prior has an intriguing past with deadly grudges and scores to settle that are bound to show their ugly heads in True Detective's latest season.

He is played by John Hawkes, who previously featured in Hit Monkey, Lincoln, Deadwood, and much more.

Anna Lambe - Kayla Malee

Anna Lambe appears in Season 4 as Kayla Malee, who has been described as an overprotective young nurse with "little patience for anybody that messes with her family" (via Deadline)

Lambe played in multiple episodes of Trickster, Diggstown, Three Pines, and Alaska Daily.

Aka Niviâna - Julia Navarro

Julia Navarro is the sister to Liz's investigative partner Evangeline who is reported to be "battling demons both in her history and in her mind" (per The Hollywood Reporter)

Taking on the role is Aka Niviâna, who makes her acting debut this season.

Joel D. Montgrand - Eddie Qavvik

Joel D. Montgrand's Eddie Qavvik serves as the love interest to Evangeline Navarro with deep connections to the town of Ennis.

Montgrand will feature in Netflix's upcoming live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Hakoda.

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True Detective Season 4 premiered on HBO on Sunday, January 14, and will be followed by new episodes weekly until the sixth episode and climactic finale debuts on February 25.

True Detective Season 4 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos) (2024)
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